A Very Productive Weekend!

I got so much done this weekend I took today off from everything except laying around and putting on weight.

Mission Accomplished!

I pulled “Universal Mind” from the Youtube channel Wednesday evening as I didn’t like the tone AT ALL. So I remixed it and re-uploaded it Friday night and wow – what an improvement.

I woodshedded “Paradigm Shift” for a long time, and went over UK’s “In the Dead of Night” to make a new video Saturday morning, and made a basic track of a demo song for Gary Buck in Nashville, an original song that he wanted me to play bass on. So I started listening to it and recording rough ideas. I ended the night listening to “Machine Messiah” by Yes and deciding I wanted to work it up and give it a modern metal sound, meaning I’d download the Darkglass plugin by Neural DSP and try it out 🙂

I got up Saturday morning and figured I’d make my UK vid in about 1 take – WRONG.

Take 57 I had it done, which was OK, but it left no time to work on “Paradigm Shift,” which I wanted to re-record and upload. Now I was feeling under the gun because a big project I am involved in needed a video promo for the whole package (the release), and I had nothing.

I did get “In the Dead of Night” uploaded and I developed a new layout at the end so I can add a “Subscribe button” and a “Next Video” screen as well to the end. That will be on all videos from here on.

The new “Subscribe” button with log on the upper left and a suggested next video in the upper right, plus my name 2x at the bottom. Someone’s quite proud of himself.

I next worked on Gary’s recordings, when another musician and friend sent me mixes of Genesis’ “Eleventh Earl of Mar” that he’d put together for me to play on. I began working on “Machine Messiah” and got a few minutes into it, then listened to Zappa’s “Zoot Allures” and played a long a bit to get some ideas for another cover.

Next it was back to Gary’s song. I recorded about half of what I wanted, but figured I’d put it off until Monday as I took the 25th off.

Finally it was time to do the video promo shoot. LOL. WTH am I gonna do…

I hung a bed sheet from our four poster bed and put a lot of front lighting on it. I had Tracie stand opposite me in our small bedroom to try to make it look like a real promo piece – and they only needed a few seconds.

So she recorded, but the bed would get in frame. Cut. Or the closet. Retake. Or my bass wouldn’t be in frame. Try again. I had to squat down like Cotton Hill (“Tojo shot my shins off!”) and hold my bass and jam like I’m having a seizure. Again, and again, and again.

OK – get close up of hands playing from two angles.

“OK – that will work, I hope, What time is it? How can it be 11:30?” I watched the video. “It will never work.” So I stitched it together before bed, went to sleep and thought I’d try to finish it before 11 AM when I was going to Jim Morley’s to reconnect, jam, record and make plans.

I got up Sunday morning and went to work on the video. I thought, “Well, here it is. I hope they like it.” Packed up and went to Jim’s.

It was great to see him and hear what he’s been up to – we have plans on doing some things together very soon, so project gem.n.i is back ON. We’d like to find a drummer, but we are going to start working on new music in the next few weeks.

So I got home about 5 and found out that my video was good enough to give them material for the vid promo, so that was GREAT! I began working on Gary’s song, which I finished up and sent off to him that evening. He loved it and now it’s going in to his demo.

What a weekend.

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Hello! I'm Ron Tavalin, a Chicago-based progressive rock/metal bassist and this is my low-end den. Here you'll find music videos, bass guitar information, technique, and whatever else.

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