Long Time (sorta) No See (sorta)

I’ve been rather quiet on here lately; I haven’t updated any videos or anything like that and haven’t made any new ones. I have been busy in the background working on Yes’ “Machine Messiah,” and I’ve taken the Darkglass plunge with their awesome Darkglass plugins from NeuralDSP.

I hope to finish up “Machine Messiah” this week – it is a beast – and the Darkglass stuff sounds KILLER!

I’ve dropped my Craigslist band advert and it’s really bumming me out. OK – not CL or the ad, but the lack of bands in the area who play Liquid Tension, Vai, Dream Theater, Zappa, etc. VERY disheartening. I’ve been looking for more than 2 years without anything – in a city of 3 million. Zero. Zilch. Nada. That’s really depressing.

Still, I am soldiering on as best I can, although for the past few weeks it has been an uphill push to stay motivated in this “no-playing-prog-metal” town.

More to follow soon (I hope!)

Published by Ron Tavalin - Progressive Rock - Progressive Metal Bassist

Hello! I'm Ron Tavalin, a Chicago-based progressive rock/metal bassist and this is my low-end den. Here you'll find music videos, bass guitar information, technique, and whatever else.

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