Autumn Leaves

I have been busying myself with new videos, producing “Anesthetized” and “Acid Rain” in the past month, and have begun working on a Dixie Dregs cover for my next video (Andy West is a BEAST). In the meantime I am talking with a drummer who was advertising on CL for a prog rock-fusion band, butContinue reading “Autumn Leaves”

“The Only Thing She Needs”

Here I sit with my purple leg cast, having just finished recording the video for my bass cover of UK’s “The Only Thing She Needs.” The app “Handbrake” is busy in the background crunching my video down to 29.97 NTSC and constant framerate so iMovie can work with it, listening to FROST* new EP “Others.”Continue reading ““The Only Thing She Needs””

Hot Summer Daze

So here I am in August. As expected, COVID came back once people thought it was cool and fun to get together and ignore reality (despite the obvious that reality doesn’t avoid us), the country burst into flames (OK, didn’t see that coming but should have), and, then in the most unexpected of events IContinue reading “Hot Summer Daze”

Spring Pandemic Update

I have been working with my new band, auditioning a vocalist (not a good fit), but we’ve been waylaid by the pandemic and the closure of all I’ve ever held dear in life. However, I have a new pedalboard, some fantastic stuff, and some free time until April 7 (our next rehearsal) to churn outContinue reading “Spring Pandemic Update”

1/7/2020 – RIP Neil Peart

On the train from work today I saw a post on saying “R.I.P Neil Peart.” I thought, “Sick joke,” ( I hope) but then I googled his name to find out. I saw the Rolling Stone article that said he had indeed died from a glioblastoma and felt punched in the stomach… HARD. I’mContinue reading “1/7/2020 – RIP Neil Peart”

After 3 and a half years of looking, I’m finally in a NEW BAND!

Against my fabled predictions, I actually have joined a new start up prog band!!! I got a call from a keyboardist who saw my CL ad, and contacted me about a new band he was helping to start up. They had a drummer who wanted to be in a Dream Theater tribute, a fantastic guitarist,Continue reading “After 3 and a half years of looking, I’m finally in a NEW BAND!”

Saw some old bandmates/friends last night

Last week a keyboardist from my former band invited me to a club they were playing last night to hear her and my old drummer sit in with another prog project. At first I declined as I already had plans, but then things fell through and I went, “Why not?” I had not seen anyoneContinue reading “Saw some old bandmates/friends last night”

Clawing my way back!

ON Sunday November 24 I posted my latest cover, Rush’s “La Villa Strangiato,” featuring a ripped off Billy Sheehan solo (from “Prime Cuts”), and a lot of fun overplaying. I’m beginning to feel like the funk is starting to clear, and I’m looking forward to adding some new gear very soon (more on that afterContinue reading “Clawing my way back!”